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International Holiday Calendar



International Calendar

It is always a good idea to check the holiday calendar carefully for the countries you're headed to. There are over 800 holidays around the World during which businesses shut down. Travelling 5,000 miles to find everyone on Holiday is not the most productive use of time and resources.


The best Website we've found is multilingual, and allows you to specify your holiday calendar search using five options, including selecting the year you want, up to 2010:


Begin by selecting your language -


Option 1- Search by Region and Countries you'll be visiting.


Option 2 - Search for a Country's National Day, the day of its founding


Option 3 - Search by Religion. In many countries, religious holidays can bring commerce to a halt, and many last for more than just one day.


Option 4 - Search by bank hoildays. Again, when the banks are closed, many corporate enterprises are also closed.


Option 5 - Lists 'exceptional events' that have taken place in that country. They may, or may not, have an impact on commerce for that day.


Click here for HOLIDAYS around the World




Watching the Gloabl Markets


. . .


One of the first things the global business person learns is that there are a lot of holidays in this World.


A minor inconvenience at times, or a major crisis if an international trip is not correctly pre-planned.


Therefore, it is always a good idea to double check the local holidays of your destination countries, regions, and even in some cases, cities.


The best solution, always check ahead of time (weeks, not days) with the people you plan to meet with in the country you're visiting. They know the local customs and holidays the best.





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